Saturday, 28 November 2009

The shop is now live

I took the plunge and is now live with Manos Del Uruguay, Artesano, Arucania, and Debbie Bliss yarns. It has taken a while but hopefully things will get bigger and better in 2010. We are also in the process of converting the garage into a multifunction room, photography, crafts and games ...what more could you ask for...apart form a few weeks off teh day job to rest and enjoy it. Well I will be off from the 18th and have decided to make a quilt during the hols for our bed......Won't hold my breath or remove the duvet too soon though.

Recent creations if you fancy a look, all patterns available on Etsy as always .....

Saturday, 22 August 2009

So where have I been?

A wee bit busy.....growing veg, planning a new venture, helping with exams and stuff, oh and work.

The Veg have been fab, pulled up the last of the tatties this morning, still have turnips, carrots and beans in the ground.

The new venture is underway......I now have an online wool shop, admittedly only on Ebay at the moment, but soon to be live at you want to have a look at the ebay store it is knitnijani too. I have my first batch of fabulous yarn and though I say so myslef I am very reasonable....price wise anyway...quite unreasonable in general on a daily basis I expect! Better ask deary and the kids!!!

James passed his exams and is off to college in September hooray!

I have some new designs in my Etsy shop, patterns and knitted for you too.

New Knitted Slouchies which are great fun to knit, don't take much yarn so you can be a bit extravagant and buy special wool.....from me of course ....and make fab gifts.

And a really simple shrug that can be knit on big needles in a couple of evenings
This one is in Alpaca and is soooo soft and cosy.
I am waiting for a delivery of Manos Del Uruguay yarn to get working on next. I have a few ideas bubbling under the surface.
Once the garage has been converted I am hoping to begin holding a few classes too...exciting or what!!!
I can't wait.

Sunday, 8 March 2009


For the last few years we have had no snow to speak of in Central Scotland, this year it just won't stop. Once again we woke up to a winter wonderland and inspite all my best efforts of wishing it away, it is still here at 10am and looks like it will be here for a good few hours yet.

Now don't get me wrong, I actually like snow, when it is deep enough to stop me getting to work, but when all it does is make life difficult, I'd rather it didn't bother!

Today I had plans,

Wrap and post off my Ebay sales.......... I have been de-stashing which has gone quite well. I think I will post up some more bits and bobs over the next few days so if you are on the hunt for some bargains let me know.

Solve my Etsy Problems...........I work in IT but when anything goes pear-shaped at home it takes me weeks of hassle before I finally sit down and sort the thing out. Estsy has been slow and not loading my pictures for ages.

Finish piecing thisbaby quilt.............I now have eight blocks of 3 patterns which are just slightly the different sizes.....note to self ......get a bigger cutting mat and a square template!!

Take Jimbo to play football in Livingston (this was going to enable the posting of the parcels too as Livingston's Post Office is open on a Sunday.....ingenious and well planned I think you will agree!)

Review the garden and try to figure out where we are going to put 2 greenhouses and still have room for a veggi patch.....can't see the ground for snow at the moment.

Actually come to think of it, maybe this snow thing ain't so bad, I have sorted out my Etsy problem, and I have managed to set up the March sale I have been meaning to do for 2 weeks. 20% off all knitted and crocheted items, worth a look.

Plus it is coming down like a blizzard now so I may not get to the post office which could give me time to sort out the quilt.........yes I was wrong I like snow.....bring it on!!! Jimbo may need to walk the 3 miles home from a party he was at last night but hey at 17 that should be no problem!!!

Now I can really see the benefits now of a heavy snow fall, maybe though that is because at the moment the cupboards and fridge are full........ask me agian on Tuesday if the gruesome twosome have been off scholl and the answer may be different!!!

Plus I managed to bring home my works laptop on Friday so if it gets real bad I could just snuggle up on the sofa and work away, and it looks like there may be enough for a damn good snowball fight.......count me in!!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

WIP - a Wee Man's Quilt

Well here we are! As you can see the quilt is still unfinished, that is deliberate though as I have tried a few of the blue samples I currently have against the quilt and I don't like any of them

I am off to the Quilt Show at Edinburgh tomorrow on a mission of looking for material to border the quilt.

I have to say I am very pleased with the way it has turned out. Especially as it is made up of 5" squares bought for very little on eBay.

The plan was originally to practice piecing and make a cushion. But I am afraid the designer in me...and the true Virgoen......who likes order and symmetry .....took over.

Here is a close up showing my first attempt at Machine Quilting, not very accurate but the effect is quite good. Makes the back of the quilt look pretty cool too.

Hopefully I will be able to present you with a finished item over the next couple of weeks, and Niall will get part of his 12th BIrthday present a little late but worth the wait.

I am afraid I haven't picked up the Lady Sweater again since the Dyelot saga. This is partly due to me being in a bit of a huff with it and mostly due to both a neighbour and one of my son's friends wives producing baby boys this week.

Not a problem for a woman with a big stash you may think! Well, if they had produced Girls all would be great. I have pink 4ply coming out of my ears. Blues are however a very scarce.

I have solved one issue as I know the dad of said baby boy is a fan of Hibernian Football Club who play in Green and White. I have found green lurking at the bottom of the pile, and I am knitting some baby socks based on the Interweave better than bootees as we speak.

You may need to create a login to see this pattern but it is well worth it and absolutely free!

I will post pictures once they are finished but here is a sneak preview.

These are actually knitted with Vintage Lister Lee 3 ply wool on 2mm bamboo needles.

I have a confession that I have never knitted anything on needles smaller than 3.25mm before, and I am finding it quite relaxing.

The pattern is really simple and the stitches are so small and delicate that I have to keep stopping and admiring them. Perhaps if Iwas knitting a ladies jumper on such small needles the thrill would be short lived. But I am not so I shall enjoy.

I knit all my socks on bamboo needles, I find metal ones too scratchy and the bamboo feels soft and warm in your fingers...highly recommended to add to thh relaxation factor of knitting in the round on small needles.

Well that is me up to date. I am contemplating listing the quilt pattern on Etsy for anyone who is looking for a simple scrap quilt. Maybe this will fund my next foray into quilt design.

Oh, and just to prove Niall's quilt is not a one is the one I prepared earlier..... for Dad's 75th.

In situ of course!!!

Again made with squares purchased from Ebay, mostly blues and pinks. Cut into triangles and made into diamonds. Sashed with florals and gingham and backed with plain blue.

This was hand quilted in the ditch and it has never been off the bed since I made it. Came in very useful earlier this month when the temperature dropped below freezing at night.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Disaster ......didn't check the Dyelots!!!

So I am joining in the 3rd ball of wool on the Lady is late evening, I am using artificial light and all looks well. Next day however in the daylight I notice it is a different shade, slightly darker. Bugger! Pardon my French.

I check out the other 3 remaining balls and 1 is the same dyelot as the darker shade, 2 are a 3rd dyelot, but still darker than the original balls I knitted the yoke with.

Plan A....complete the body with dye lot 1 and do the sleeves with 1 ball for each of dye lot 2, them claim that I intended to use gradually darker shades as I progressed down the cardi.

Plan it back to the end of the Garter Stich Yoke and use the 2 other shades I have in the same yarn to make a multicolour skirt and arms.

I will go with plan A first but I am not convinced!

Note to self check.......................... the ball bands cos your eyesight is rubbish!!!

Oh and I have tied in all the loose ends on the quilt but still no borders, that will not get finished this weekend either as I am off to this quilt show . Maybe it will inspire me to do the borders....maybe they will have the very material I am looking for to complete the borders, maybe I will buy naterial even if it doesn't complete the borders....not maybe more definately. Watch this space.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

De-Stash Time

Well the last few months have flown, most of which I have spent feeling pretty low so I have decided to de-stash my yarn and start this space.

I now have wool and bits and pieces on Ebay for sale and most is moving if somewhat cheaply!! It clears my craft room though and that is the main thing. I even have space on the work surface for my laptop...amazing.

I currently have 3 WIPs, only 3 I hear you cry!!! Yes because I finished a pair of socks earlier this week for the big boy who was starting to feel very chilly in the snow. Must have been bad for a 17 year old to ask for knitted socks ;-#.

Anyway, I have a quilt for the wee boy to finish, need to get it done by his birthday on Tuesday so watch this space. Just need to put on the binding and sew in the ends from the machine quilting, should be a piece of Cake!!!

Next up I am knitting a version of the Lady Sweater, based on this version . am using up some 100% shetland Aran I bought in a sale in a deep green which looks great. I am just about to separate for the arms and will show you a pic when this is done as it just looks like a bunch of garter stitch at the moment....not very appealing. This is my first attempt at circular needles and for the plain garter stitch panel I knitted continental style, and I have to say quite enjoyed it......old dog new tricks and all that jazz!

And finally a pair of socks for dad, my own design and my first attempt at socks without a pattern, but very plain. He needs them for wearing in his shed so I have used 100% vintage Lister Lee 4ply I found while de-stashing. I am making them look like old fashioned wellie socks so when the first one is finished I will give you demo!

I wasn't totally idle whilst away either, I made a scrap quilt for Dad's 75th birthday which has been on his bed ever since. I will get some photos and put them up onto flickr for viewing.

So that is me up to date, apart from emailing some pals I have been guilty of ignoring for a few months....if you are reading Leslie your are top of my list ;-)

I'll be back!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

I'll be back.........

Hopefully within the week, with an update on my projects to date and my WIP.....god bless Elizabeth Zimmerman........and more stuff too about life in generally, although fibre is much more exciting.

See ya!