Friday, 4 April 2008

You learn something new everyday!

Here are some of the things I learnt over the last few days....

1. Travel Sickness...I have spent years getting travel sick if I try to knit/crochet or read in a car(obviously not when I am driving...duh).

I have therefore wasted hours looking out of the window on the long journeys to Cornwall. But stick a Caravan on the back of the car and hey presto I can knit crochet or read infact I completed half a sock in the 2 hours it took to get to Berwick on Monday. I did re-test thjis without the caravan and could have thrown up for Scotland after about 2 minutes!

Here is a picure of the sock, being worked on whilst in the caravan at Berwick overlooking the Sea.

2. Lurcher is a type of dog..Dusty is a lurcher...A lurcher is a cross between a Whippet/Greyhound and a sloth.

Dusty is 90% sloth..... as you can see the lure of the couch, the sunshine and the smell of Sea air through a caravan window is just too much for him.

3. Sunshine is not a requirement when you are at the seaside...just the sea and the beach will do thank you very much. Especially when you are 11 and nothing is going to stop you paddling in the North Sea, in your trunks, with a hoody on, not even a force 9 Gale on Aprils Fools day...Great stuff!

4. Lurchers cannot breathe underwater. I did know this but Dusty didn't and it was a surprising discovery for him. His ball was at the bottom of a deep rock pool whe he made the discovery.....when it happened for the second time he immediately went into baby mode and cried until someone recovered the ball for him......lazy but not stupid!

5. Buy a 16 year old wellies and take him to the seaside and he becomes a 5 year old again...skimming stones, chasing waves and having a great time without having to pretend to be cool. This was one of the really good things I learnt, I got my baby back for a couple of days.

6. Sandunes make you stupid. You think you can sit back to back with a 16year old, wrap arms and stand up.....well on the third attempt you can...only to fall over again backwards once the 16 year old moves, cos your brain is still applying the pressure to help you stand up, but, the aforementioned 16 year old is not.

Result one mother flat on her back on the dunes at Lindisfarne, laughing so much that it takes all 3 of the men in the house to get her upright again.

7. Families are brilliant and I wouldn't swap mine for anything!!!! But I knew that already.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

A tick on the list

Over the last couple of days I have been using up some of my stash to do some experimenting.

Here are the items I made, ignore the coloured threads on the scarf, they were a part of the experiment that went wrong.

One loosely crocheted scarf in 2 shades of Rowan Cork, and a few little flowers, also in Rowan Cork.

I wanted to use the Rowan wool, as it is 95% merino and I have been dieing to see how it felts up. Actually I have been dieing to see how anything not bought from a Charity shop felts up, as that is all I have experimented on so far. I think the fear of messing up something it took ages to create was too big for me. Anyway I lost my fear this weekend, and just went for it.

The results were actually better than I had expected.

This is how the scarf turned out. It felted up really well and is beautifully soft now.

I have enough left to make a bag, which I think I will hand knit on 8mm needles, as that was the hook size used for these, and see how that turns out.

Even better than the scarf was the flowers.

I loved these before the felting, but was really chuffed with them afterwards. I made 2 sizes of petals, one with double trebles and 4 chains (trebles for US) and one with treble trebles and 5 chains (double trebles for US).

After the felting you can still see the texture of the stitches but the flowers themselves are really soft and look almost cloud-like. Not sure if that is due to the shading in the yarn or not as although the colour looks like pale lilac there is some darker purple in there too.

So, as we are going away for 2 nights in the caravan tomorrow and there is no TV, I am taking my knitting and crochet and plan to make some more of these Lilac Rowan flowers, but bigger with more petal layers, and knit a chunky bag with the Brown Rowan I have left......oh and the wee man wants a pair of red and white stripey socks to wear with his wellies. They will definiately take a bit longer than 2 nights though. I am still getting the hang of knitting in the round.

Note to self...

Better finish the girls jacket in bed tonight, just half a sleeve and the hood to go.

Here is a pic of the work in progress this afternoon, loving the colours, smokey grey and pale blue. Now the wool has been crocheted up it is looking really cosy, and this pattern is so easy.

Made it up myself so it can't be that difficult ;0)

Won't be able to keep you up to date while we are away in Berwick, but promise to have some photos of the hols and any work I get done on Wednesday when we get back.