So where have I been?

A wee bit busy.....growing veg, planning a new venture, helping with exams and stuff, oh and work.

The Veg have been fab, pulled up the last of the tatties this morning, still have turnips, carrots and beans in the ground.

The new venture is underway......I now have an online wool shop, admittedly only on Ebay at the moment, but soon to be live at you want to have a look at the ebay store it is knitnijani too. I have my first batch of fabulous yarn and though I say so myslef I am very reasonable....price wise anyway...quite unreasonable in general on a daily basis I expect! Better ask deary and the kids!!!

James passed his exams and is off to college in September hooray!

I have some new designs in my Etsy shop, patterns and knitted for you too.

New Knitted Slouchies which are great fun to knit, don't take much yarn so you can be a bit extravagant and buy special wool.....from me of course ....and make fab gifts.

And a really simple shrug that can be knit on big needles in a couple of evenings
This one is in Alpaca and is soooo soft and cosy.
I am waiting for a delivery of Manos Del Uruguay yarn to get working on next. I have a few ideas bubbling under the surface.
Once the garage has been converted I am hoping to begin holding a few classes too...exciting or what!!!
I can't wait.


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