Saturday, 2 February 2008

So you think you're a Weatherman?

We have had heavy snow and blizzards forecast for the last 3 days.

So today it came...for about 5 minutes then it turned to rain and we were all back to normal.

I would quite like some snow, I have shopped for soup ingredients and I am ready to rock and roll! But no, snow's off again. One of the things I liked about Winter was snow. In fact it is the only thing I like about winter and was one of the things I was looking forward to when we moved to Scotland. Bet you we will get it on a day they forecast sunny spells. I reckon their seaweed is polluted!!!

Of course, even without the Snow excuse, I am crocheting away. At a very wintry project at the moment. Perfect for wearing in the snow..................a blue and white striped mini-dress. Very retro and very cute.

I would show you a piccie but all the ones I have taken so far look naff. I will get deary to work his magic tomorrow and let you see a picture of the back, which I should finish tonight.

Why am I crocheting a dress......well I have been asked to make a wedding dress, in a similar style and I fell in love with the whole 1960's theme, so I am making a Nijani Original Retro Mini, just because I can;0)

I have found some vintage Jaegar yarn, in a very 60's blue with white stranding and I am going to add the white stripes in to the skirt. I am quite excited about it, the yarn is a slubby linen mix which adds to the whole effect. The more I crochet the better it looks........

I know you want to see for yourself....tomorrow I promise.


Thursday, 31 January 2008

I Hate Technology!

So today my eldest, under duress, moved my PC from the cold wet family room, to the warm, cosy dining room/craft room. I in return made the tea.

Now James (my eldest) has always had a wireless connection to the Internet in his bedroom, whereas I was.....well hard wired. However, there is no phone socket in the dining room, so I bought another wireless adapter and after the aforementioned tea, I set about connecting the moved PC to our wireless router.

Before we go any further I think I should avail you all of few important facts.

1. I have worked in IT (computers) for 19 years
2. I installwired and wireless systems for a living
3. I work in a team whose sole purpose in life is to assess and trial technology for customers requiring secure networks.

So how long did it take the two of us to get 1 PC connected to the Router.......3 hours. I was logged onto a neighbours network quite happily for 1/2 an hour at one point, until thought better of that.

I tried every key combination possible to log onto our router, which I had configured a year ago to be secure...eventually screaming and telling James to remove the security keys, cos I don't care if the world and his wife can access the Internet through our house.....I want to bloody well access too!!! I was starting to get withdrawal sad is that!

Course once we did that I was on.............and he was on, in fact most of our street was able to get on , if only they had realised. So I did a few tweaks and re secured us, then I was off and........... he was off!?!?!!?

Now have you ever tried to detach a 16 year old from MSN and ain't pretty.

Next thing I knew, he was charging down stairs accusing me of infringing his human rights or some such rubbish, just as he got to the last stair, my firewall asked me if it should allow access to my wireless network. Obviously I kissed the screen and cried YES!!!!. Actually I clicked on OK but it was still quite dramatic.

As I shouted to James that I was on, he charged back upstairs only to find he was on too. I know it goes on and on and on.......

Now we are both afraid to log off..........I may need a glass of wine or two tomorrow evening depending on who is off and who is on ;-) I may also get around to some knitting or crochet

My next set of withdrawal symptoms is looming on the horizon!

Oh James has just popped down to share this with me.

Go to google and type in find Chuck Norris, then click the I'm feeling lucky button......

Good eh?

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Short but Sweet

Today the weather has been dreich that is Scot's for crap, as you can see from the photos.

I have however managed to finish these 2 beanies which I have loaded onto Etsy.

Spring Green, the green one!!! seems very popular.

I have also spent the last hour trying to keep up with the Etsy UK Forum, and now my head is spinning!!!

The plan for tonight was to start a crochet wool bag which I will then felt. But the Karate run and forum hopping has kind of put paid to that.

Tomorrow will be a no go too...... because ......Wednesday night is ..........Craft Night!!! Whoohoo

So me, Sister-in-law Fi and pal Helen, will sit, craft, drink coffee and laugh for 3 whole hours. I can't wait.

BTW it is still wet and cold in the computer room, I now have a sheepskin jacket so I can stay long enough to type.

NHBC Come on down!!!!

See you Thursday ;-)

Monday, 28 January 2008

Chicken Licken

Once upon a a land not very far away...where during the winter it was a bit windy and a bit rainy .....there lived a mature but still very young at heart knitter/crocheter. She lived in a lovely house, no where near a forest or wolves, but quite close to some lovely bunnies, which her dog chased but never caught...ahhhhh!!

Now one winter's morning she awoke to find a small puddle in one of her rooms, so she rang the nice builder man(it was a new house) and he sent his lowest lackie(highly trained builder) to fix the problem. The sun shone and all was good.

The following winter there was a windy rainy night 3 days before Xmas. Santa was most concerned regards his ability to deliver the pressies!!! The following morning our knitter/crocheter(me) got up to find a bigger puddle in the same room as before. She went to find the lovely builder man who, on seeing her approach, buggered off (was urgently called to meeting ). She rang the customer services fairies only to be told....Shut for Christmas!

So on Christmas morning the whole family ate on their laps because all the computers and books and cameras and stuff were in the dining room..i.e. not in the puddle. In February the builder man was sacked and new builder man arrived and he sent a slightly more skilled lackie (builder from another site on the other side of the land) to fix the roof.

Last year, 3 weeks before Xmas, I got up one morning (losing patience now) after a typical rainy December night to find another puddle same room, same place. By the end of the day deary had poked a hole in the ceiling to enable us to catch 2 gallons of water, before the ceiling fell down. We phoned the Builder man and etc etc etc site supervisor...on a ladder, new leading...blah,blah,blah.

Are you spotting the trend here............

The builder man came and fixed it...............the sun shone..............................................winter came again...............................Christmas came again....New Year came again.......last Friday came again....

and the puddle came again.............

I now sit at the PC with a hoodie on, and a gallon bucket of rain water next to my chair. My hood is up to stop the draft from the new hole in the ceiling giving me a stiff neck, as the wind is blowing right through it, and you know what.....I don't give a sh*t .

Oh, and I have rung the builder man..........................................................

On a more positive note, my wool and WIPs are at the opposite end of the house, in an Ark!!! Plus it was still daylight at 5pm tonight when I walked the dog, so , Spring is coming and all is well with the world!!!!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Start of Something New

Well, I've finally taken the plunge. Even my 16 year old is impressed, I now have pictures on filckr...which he doesn't and a blog...whooo.

Blogging is something I have been thinking about for a while. Back in the days of pen and paper, my best pal and I wrote to each other everyday, to discuss school, parents, music and of course boys. Some of the notes written on good old A4, which of course included doodles, are still hilarious, and were a great outlet for the pent up angst all teenagers feel.

Well guess what, a 40 something year old can harbour a lot of pent up angst too!! Plus being a woman this angst can be simmering nicely for a good few days, years, or months before it finally reaches boiling point.

So, I have decided to combine my skills as a crafter, my life as a mother and proud owner of the laziest dog on the planet, along with my desire to be a wordsmith and blog about all things relevant to me.

If you have kids, a dog, a deary(aka a husband or partner) and one of those things you have to go to every day to pay the bills ( yes a j.o.b) then maybe some of my posts will make sense and ring true. If you have none of the above but want to gloat then fair enough. I would too if I were you!!

I promise to add photos when I can. I always find pictures mean I have to write less....oh yes , meant to say, I'm lazy just like the dog, we make a perfect couple!!!!

Please drop in from time to time and catch up. I'd love to hear from you and get some feedback, support or have a look at some of your blogs