Sunday, 24 February 2008

Was that a quick Week ..or What??

I am a bit unsure of what happened but the last week appears to have been only a couple of days long! Either that or I have slept through 5 days. I know as you get older time appears to move more quickly, but this is ridiculous.

The thing is if I try to workout what I have achieved I am coming up with.............not much. Well not much in the areas I am interested in. I have managed 2 birthday parties...............that was the main job last weekend. Worked a full week (time does not appear to be flowing so quickly when I am at my Desk, I might add) Performed a lot of taxi duties to include, football, karate and the Vets.

Don't worry the dog is fine, just picking up his regular worm exciting can this life get!!!

Crafts wise I have finished the beaded dolly bag, and the mohair and silk wrap (well apart from sewing in the ends and blocking) I have made a pair of crochet cotton baby booties, which I just need to put the ribbon in, and half a girls cotton sun hat, which I am going to finish this afternoon. I will properly finish my "finished items" and post some pictures later in the week, which could be in 10 minutes depending on which gear time is in this week and if it is running down hill with a tail wind!!!