Saturday, 22 March 2008

Tomorrow I will sew!!!

I am promising myself some time with my stash of recyclable clothes and the infamous "overlocker " tomorrow. I seem destined not to get the damn thing out of the box. Fortunately the main reason is that I am busy maknig up knitted and crocheted orders, so I shouldn't really complain, it is just that the overlocker was my mother's day present and I want to get my hands on it and sew, sew, sew. Another problem is finding the space of course. I have several knitted but not pieced garments on the craft table at the moment which need blocking and that leaves very little space for the sewing stuff. I could put up another table....but that space is taken up by my 25 year old oknitting machine which I have been having a great time with, as you will see from the pic at the start of this post.

On the plus side as it is Easter I have a long weekend so don't have to get back to the day job until Tuesday. I have also booked the following week off...week 2 of the school break. We are considering going away in our caravan, but as the temperature today hardly climbed above freezing, I will wait until nearer the time before I commit to 3 nights on the windswept east coast of Scotland.

Call me a coward if you like but being warm and cosy is not negotiable for a knitter/crocheter, you sit in one position for so long that even with the house at 68 degrees I am freezing. Of course it could be my age....but lets not go there ;0}