Friday, 15 February 2008

The Sample Bridesmaid Wrap

Well that is me finished the sample wrap for Mandy. This one is in white with pearls around the edge but the yarn I have for Mandy is Ivory to match her dress. I have bought Rowan Kid Silk Aura for the job and it looks gorgeous. It also feel very soft.

Comments would be most welcome. It is also listed on Etsy for Sale...if anyone is interested ;0)

I have had quite a good evening so far, am half way through a little crochet dolly bag to match the wrap. I am also halfway through a bottle of wine which has rendered crocheting with beads impossible. Well it is Friday.

I have been listening to The Secret in the car this week and made myself visualise increasing my Hearts on Etsy to 100 from 40 by the end of the month. I am up to 90 already. I also set myself the goal of a total of 35 purchases by the end of the month, still 2 weeks to go and 6 sales to be had. It feels weird because it is not actually the money that is important, I want to know that people like my designs...I suppose anyone who creates things feels the same. every time you finish something there is a little bit of you left in it. That is why it is so special when you are given something that someone has made.

My Valentine card and poem from the Wee Man is a case in point. The card was sweet and the poem was in the style of Tam O'Shanter. If you don't know what that is I will give you a clue....he used the word spew as a rhyming word!!!!

He is 11 this weekend so I suppose I should be making the most of the last couple of years when he gives his mum a valentine.........judging by the 8 he received form girls in his class this year I am up against some stiff competition!!!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Happy Days

I am soo excited. I have just received a convo on Etsy from AMI Designs to say that she featured me in a treasury this morning. I have never been in a treasury on Etsy before.

All in all since my last blog I have had a good few days. I went shopping on Sunday with my sister-in-law to a big department store and we spent about 4 hours drinking tea and coffee and buying material and craft supplies.

This was our first trip for a good few months, the sun shone and we had a really good laugh. Obviously I have come back with loads of wool, material, clips, beads and the like, a million and one ideas of what I am going to make and I have not got a clue what to make first...arghhhh.

What I need to do is write a list, and using the Secret, which I have to admit I am really hooked on at the moment, be grateful for what I have and the way will be shown to me.

I should really finish off the mini dress before starting anything new.....see the picture above for current progress, but multi tasking is a woman's prerogative so that may have to wait. As I also have a sample mohair shawl to finish, and an Aran set for a little boys 1st birthday in March.

Mmmm.....maybe the beading experiments will have to wait a few days!!!

I don't really mind I am so high at being included in a Etsy Treasury that the world is my lobster!!

I am also going to create a DaWanda account (I think that is right) and show my stuff on there....oh it's soo exciting :0)