Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Small World - Big Differences

A big box arrived yesterday from my pal Leslie.

I knew what was in it, but I was still really excited.
....and it was even better than expected.....4 skeins of hand died New Zealand Wool, 2 Drop Spindles and .....some roving. I have 2 long weekends coming up in May so that is what I will be doing, I can't wait.

Infact I am off tomorrow too....... but I have to concentrate on the Wedding Dress I am crocheting, as I have a deadline for that.

Included in the box of goodies to pad things out was a local newspaper from West Milford, which being nosey, I had to put back together and read through.

Now from a purely visual point of view the paper could have been our local rag the Courier. Same layout, same estate agents but no car adverts taking up the last 3 pages, and no sport either that I could see.

Same news lines too, lots of local issues, but hey in the US you say what you think ....it was brilliant. Here in the UK it is very rare that a journalist actually says what they think in every day language, we are quite reserved when it comes to slating someone, we do it, but very politely, the words on the paper when you hear them in your head are almost monotone.

Not in the US, you can hear the converation with lots of intonation and the letters to the editor were even better. They would never get published in the UK. Only slight criticism is allowed and then it always seems to be that it comes from an almost lofty viewpoint. I much prefer the idea of telling folk outright that their ideas are rubbish and so are they. Which is exactly what you would do if you saw them face to face at a meeting to discuss local issues, if they were really important to you.

So from now I will read the local news and translate it into American speak. It will be so mouch more interesting and entertaining, perhaps there would be more interest in both local issues and politics if we took off the covers and revealed our true selves.

Amazing what a box of wool and a drop spindle can do!