Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I have been a naughty girl.

Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you for 4 whole days but it has been a bit manic here.

Firstly the "wee" man is 11 on the 17th and being the "wee" man he wanted a Wii for his birthday. A bit OTT, I will admit but he did agree to pay a load towards it, so in search of a Wii I went. The damn things are more elusive than hens teeth, and when they are in stock you have to make like the January sales and rush around trying to get one. Of course this who episode would have been far less stressful if one of the chaps at my work wasn't buying them 10 at a time and then flogging them on eBay for a huge profit! On one hand I admire his entrepreneurial skills, on the other I was determined that Birthday or not I was not going to get screwed for any more than the Argos price. Living in Scotland must be rubbing off on me!!!!!.

I must also apologise for not posting picks of the dress yet. Deary hasn't taken the pics yet and I won't see him again until tomorrow evening( late shift this week) so hopefully when I post tomorrow you will be able to see my retro-fest. I have decided to give it a blue and white striped skirt. Mainly for 2 reasons

1. I mixed 2 4 ply white yarns and they really match in well with the Vintage Boucle
2. There is only enough Vintage Boucle to make a mini that would be obscene even on a porn star so I needed to improvise, as all good designers do.

I am of to my craft night tonight, I need it to get a way from the constant bickering of the boys....will it ever stop, or will this go on until they are in there 40s and I will be so deaf that I won't hear it!!

As I haven't any dress pics and it was very like a spring day here today I have added in a picture of my favourite Spring Green Beanie to cheer us all up!