Saturday, 14 February 2009

De-Stash Time

Well the last few months have flown, most of which I have spent feeling pretty low so I have decided to de-stash my yarn and start this space.

I now have wool and bits and pieces on Ebay for sale and most is moving if somewhat cheaply!! It clears my craft room though and that is the main thing. I even have space on the work surface for my laptop...amazing.

I currently have 3 WIPs, only 3 I hear you cry!!! Yes because I finished a pair of socks earlier this week for the big boy who was starting to feel very chilly in the snow. Must have been bad for a 17 year old to ask for knitted socks ;-#.

Anyway, I have a quilt for the wee boy to finish, need to get it done by his birthday on Tuesday so watch this space. Just need to put on the binding and sew in the ends from the machine quilting, should be a piece of Cake!!!

Next up I am knitting a version of the Lady Sweater, based on this version . am using up some 100% shetland Aran I bought in a sale in a deep green which looks great. I am just about to separate for the arms and will show you a pic when this is done as it just looks like a bunch of garter stitch at the moment....not very appealing. This is my first attempt at circular needles and for the plain garter stitch panel I knitted continental style, and I have to say quite enjoyed it......old dog new tricks and all that jazz!

And finally a pair of socks for dad, my own design and my first attempt at socks without a pattern, but very plain. He needs them for wearing in his shed so I have used 100% vintage Lister Lee 4ply I found while de-stashing. I am making them look like old fashioned wellie socks so when the first one is finished I will give you demo!

I wasn't totally idle whilst away either, I made a scrap quilt for Dad's 75th birthday which has been on his bed ever since. I will get some photos and put them up onto flickr for viewing.

So that is me up to date, apart from emailing some pals I have been guilty of ignoring for a few months....if you are reading Leslie your are top of my list ;-)

I'll be back!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

I'll be back.........

Hopefully within the week, with an update on my projects to date and my WIP.....god bless Elizabeth Zimmerman........and more stuff too about life in generally, although fibre is much more exciting.

See ya!