For the last few years we have had no snow to speak of in Central Scotland, this year it just won't stop. Once again we woke up to a winter wonderland and inspite all my best efforts of wishing it away, it is still here at 10am and looks like it will be here for a good few hours yet.

Now don't get me wrong, I actually like snow, when it is deep enough to stop me getting to work, but when all it does is make life difficult, I'd rather it didn't bother!

Today I had plans,

Wrap and post off my Ebay sales.......... I have been de-stashing which has gone quite well. I think I will post up some more bits and bobs over the next few days so if you are on the hunt for some bargains let me know.

Solve my Etsy Problems...........I work in IT but when anything goes pear-shaped at home it takes me weeks of hassle before I finally sit down and sort the thing out. Estsy has been slow and not loading my pictures for ages.

Finish piecing thisbaby quilt.............I now have eight blocks of 3 patterns which are just slightly the different sizes.....note to self ......get a bigger cutting mat and a square template!!

Take Jimbo to play football in Livingston (this was going to enable the posting of the parcels too as Livingston's Post Office is open on a Sunday.....ingenious and well planned I think you will agree!)

Review the garden and try to figure out where we are going to put 2 greenhouses and still have room for a veggi patch.....can't see the ground for snow at the moment.

Actually come to think of it, maybe this snow thing ain't so bad, I have sorted out my Etsy problem, and I have managed to set up the March sale I have been meaning to do for 2 weeks. 20% off all knitted and crocheted items, worth a look.

Plus it is coming down like a blizzard now so I may not get to the post office which could give me time to sort out the quilt.........yes I was wrong I like snow.....bring it on!!! Jimbo may need to walk the 3 miles home from a party he was at last night but hey at 17 that should be no problem!!!

Now I can really see the benefits now of a heavy snow fall, maybe though that is because at the moment the cupboards and fridge are full........ask me agian on Tuesday if the gruesome twosome have been off scholl and the answer may be different!!!

Plus I managed to bring home my works laptop on Friday so if it gets real bad I could just snuggle up on the sofa and work away, and it looks like there may be enough for a damn good snowball fight.......count me in!!!


Hi my friend...looks like you have been really busy..I love the quilts and of course the knits are gorgeous as usual.
I miss you guys soooooooooooooo much. I always get really homesick on Wednesday nights.
Hope this finds you all well.
Love Jacqui

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