Saturday, 12 April 2008

Fair enough...

Well, I attended my first fair of the year today, made a couple of sales, handed out lots of business cards, and apart from the fact that it was freezing cold, it all went pretty well. The tables were really cheap so I have booked in again for next month. time Iwill take a flask!

I have also completed another shrug, I knitted the body on the machine then hand crocheted the trim. It is a really bright orange and quite good fun.

When I got back from the fair I was shattered so not much has happened this afternoon, apart from setting up a sale in my ebay and etsy shops, so, if you are looking for some beanie bargains go have a look.

Oh meant to let you all know, the builder came back yesterday, removed some bricks and told me that the fault that was supposed to have been fixed for the last 3 years......wasn't. So..... for the last 2 years we have had leaks because they hadn't fixed the original problem. I was not a happy bunny. Whilst waiting for the next "fix" I am going to compose a letter asking for real compensation this time as well as the damn thing fixed properly. Wish me luck ;0)

Friday, 11 April 2008

I loved it so much...........................

I made 2!

Most unusual for me, I am very shallow and rarely make more than one of anything unless as an order.

Had a great day today, off my work so by 9:15 I had dropped off the kids, hung out a washing, walked the dog and done Tesco's.

Then I must have had a really funny turn after I had put away the shopping, I made a strawberry, banana, black grape, blueberry and fresh orange juice smoothie..............I know weird!

I haven't made a smoothie for months, so why now? I was rather de-lish-ious, but large enough for 4 so I have had a very gurgly tummy most of the day. I reckon I am all 5 a day-upped for about the next 3 weeks!

I then decided to gut the living room, even hoovering behind the TV, finding paper aeroplanes, hula hoops, christmas baubles and several rubber bands!?!?!? I really should do housework more often!

Now I am off to relax and get an early night before the craft fair tomorrow....fingers crossed for good weather.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Craft Fever

Just two days to go until my first event of the year. My bags are packed and the last item I am making is almost ready. It is a version of the shawl in the picture but in blue and white cotton.

I am so pleased with this as it is just how I saw it in my mind. The material is a mix of Cotton and Viscose and it drapes beautifully.

Hopefully someone will love it just as much as I do.

Fortunately the fair is just half a day so I will still have some weekend left, but I have to start crocheting my latest Wedding Commission and I am hoping for a positive result from a couple of Alchemy bids I have on Etsy too. Good job I have booked tomorrow off work.

Once the fair is over I am also going to re-design my Web Site........anyone would think I had time to spare!

Monday, 7 April 2008

I will be brief....

Due to the fact that I am already tucked up in bed, and have been for the last 40 minutes, catching up on emails, checking sales, eBay...3 sales and crocheting another wrap for the fair on Saturday.

Mmmmm about the fair, I am in a quandry!

I have lots of beanies, large and small, but summer is coming so will folk want a beanies? I have several Shrugs, and bags, and now I have at least 4, hopefully 5/6 shawls or wraps, but is that enough? Will anyone be in the Summer wrap mood as it is likely to be snowing outside? Will anyone turn up as it is likely ot be snowing outside?

I am always like this before a fair. I love making and designing but I have a crisis of faith whenever I have to actually stand and sell. Why? All the comments I have received are positive. I don't sell everything, but who does?

Is it my creative soul that swings from excessive highs to doldrum lows?

.....or is it the fact that I went back to the day job today after a great week off, had a crap night's sleep because of it (dreaming about pianos??????) and having put on over 10lbs sices Christmas didn't eat any chocolate in a vain attempt to get back to pre Xmas weight!

Who cares pass the Mars bar I am off for a kip!