Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Lazy......who me?

Well actually no I haven't been too lazy..quite busy in fact.

I have finished Mandy's shawl for her Wedding. It is going to the dressfitting this Thursday to make sure that it is the correct colour.

We think it may be a bit too creamy...so Mandy is also taking along this cape too. Both are Rowan wools both are crocheted in the Ivory shade and look very similar in the pics but totally different in natural light.

I am currently knitting an Aran babies jacket hat and mittens for a 1st birthday gift and have a shrug and corsage to finish by the middle of the month.

I do have a confession though as my crafts have been put to one side following the discovery of not only a fantastic little overlocker in Aldi but also a fabby laptop......which I am typing to you on now.

You see my logic was that with a laptop I could knit/crochet until about 9 pm each evening then go to bed and blog/email/etsy promote/ebay for an hour before going off to sleep!!!

So here I am all jim-jamed up and lieing in my bed typing away. It is brilliant, and best of all it works like a telly too............. haven't plugged that bit in yet but I am looking forward to it.

So lazy ....I think not! ;0)